Social-Free Sunday

Today was a good day.

I had four clients in the early afternoon, left work by 4:15 and got home in time to prepare for my hot date with the man I’ve been kissing for over three years.

As it turns out, the “surprise” dinner that my darling goof-ball planned was at Mongo’s. Not exactly romantic, but I’m not complaining! Mongo’s is great; when asked how my food was, I told him, “Perfect, of course. I made it!” (I’m super cheesy). I also noted how awkward and hilarious it would be to have a first-date at Mongo’s. Talk about an ice-breaker, right? You’re welcome, gentlemen.

Once the remainder of our delicious meals were packed in adorable, tiny boxes, I was informed that we were to be going to a movie; one which I had apparently been raving to see for the last two months but which I could not remember for the life of me in that moment. When I asked which one, Trev smiled mischievously and made me guess via 20 Questions. It took me 21 to find the answer.

Our movie was over by 9:30 (we saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, if you were wondering; it was fantastic) and we hopped in the car to head home. As per Saturday night vibes, it felt too early for me to be homeward bound already. Having nothing else with which to occupy our time, we headed home anyway.

Now, for the past two hours I’ve been restlessly surfing the internet, checking and re-checking my website to see where I can make improvements (yet again), eating chocolate eggs and fretting over the numerous messes scattered about the apartment which ought to be cleaned, yet which are currently too overwhelming to tackle at this point in my night.

I find myself distracted, restless and overstimulated- wanting to do many things at once and instead settling for none. My productivity is zero.

To remedy this, I have decided that when I wake up Sunday morning, I will prolong the stillness of the morning by leaving the lights off, silencing my phone and letting my computer rest for the day. Instead, I will organize my room into the peaceful sanctuary that it has the potential to be, address the hoards of laundry overtaking too many surfaces, and regenerate creatively by surrounding myself with my books, yarn and paper.

I cannot promise that I won’t reply to a text message or check my website stats at least once, but I can do my best to avoid hovering over my keyboard all day, and absently carrying my phone around the apartment with me (which I am not usually too guilty of, but it happens from time to time).

For now, I guess tea and a new book sound like a good way to calm my restless brain syndrome (aka being a woman).

How do you recharge creatively and emotionally? Maybe next week I will try something new.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday,

RJ ❤