08/09/2016 – The Day Before Departure…

Both of my blogs have been neglected as of late. It seems that life has, once again, gotten in the way of writing about, well… my life.

You would think that the work website would be a priority, but in the real world work has monopolized all of my time. It is time that I return to my creative mind. You know, since I’m on vacation and all.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Switzerland, and my excitement still has yet to reach its peak. I feel that my anxiety for flying may overshadow it until we finally touch down.

I am determined to capture as much of this trip as possible in photography and writing, so that I may remember it for years to come. I hold no trust in my own memory, unfortunately.

There is still a pile of work waiting to be completed, and my mind will not rest until it is done so I will leave you here, and return once I have something more interesting to talk about. Until then…


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